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  1. All offers under direct marketing should be clear, honest, and complete so that the consumer may know the exact nature of what is being offered, the price, the terms of payment (including all extra charges) and the commitment involved in the placing of an order. Before publication of an offer, marketers should be prepared to substantiate any claims or offers made. Advertisements or specific claims that are untrue, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent should not be used.

  2. Simple and consistent statements or representations of all the essential points of the offer should appear in the promotional material. Individual statements, representations, or disclaimers should not contradict the overall impression of an offer.

  3. Being a marketing professional, marketers shall uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the marketing profession.

  4. Representations that, by their size, placement, duration, or other characteristics are unlikely to be noticed or are difficult to understand should not be used if they are material to the offer.

  5. All descriptions, promises, and claims of limitation should be in accordance with actual conditions, situations, and circumstances existing at the time of the marketing promotion.

  6. Should a person request that he is not to be mailed from a mailing list owned by a marketer, every conscientious effort must be made to comply.

  7. When special contests are used to promote the sale of merchandise, the rules in each case must be clearly stated. All aspects of the marketing promotion including promotion channels must be lawful under the provisions of local legislation.

  8. Marketers should not demand, encourage, or apply coercien to obtain unethical behaviour in their relationships with others, such as employees, suppliers, or customers.

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