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Major Direct Marketing Components in Hong Kong
List Rental
There is Census conducted by HKSAR Government in Hong Kong every 4 years. Marketers could legally use the accurate data and information for researching and prediction purposes. Most marketers and consultants choose to consult Direct Marketing of Asia Association marketing expertise for the detailed data reports.

Target Marketing Channels Applicable in Hong Kong Hot Door-to-Door delivery Channels are as follows (2004 est.):
.1. Permit Delivery- Exclusive right to deliver direct mail or promotional materials into mailbox of particular housing estate.
2. Household Delivery- Deliver promotional materials to mailbox of public & private residential developments.
3. Office/Factory Delivery- Door or mailbox drop into offices / factories.
4. Street Delivery- Outdoor distribution of handbills or samples.
Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact our DM-Asia Association’s expertise at (852) 2880 5918 or email to us.

Email Marketing
For foreign marketers, low-cost email marketing permits the transmission of their messages to the mailbox of their selected customers from HK or even all over the world.
Call centers have become essential to the survival of the growing number of businesses. Tailor-made responding scripts and professional well-trained telemarketer team are able to drive sales to a high leads but with low investment.
Fax Broadcasting
Fax is one of the most popular communications between companies and with clients. With fax server and categorized fax list, one is able to perform high volume broadcasting to multiple regional recipients at low cost.
Data Management + Strategic Consultant
With DM-Asia Association marketing expertise in direct and multi-channel marketing field and rich experience in strategic consulting, you are able to start up and maintain a profitable business as well as a good relationship with customer in distant places.
A boost to your first-mover advantage in Hong Kong
Business matching:
- Register your company and brands with our database, and be found by new potential partners around the world.
- Tap into our unique database of mainland and overseas business contacts to identify potential leads.
- Establish partnerships through our customized business matching service which helps you find potential partners, based on your business requirements.

DM-Asia Association serves as your strategic consultant to find new potential partners in Hong Kong. China. Asia.
Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact our DM-Asia Association’s expertise at (852) 2880 5918 or email to us.

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