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Email Marketing Use and Growth

Demand for email-marketing services will accelerate to create a $4.8 billion industry by 2003, $3.2 billion of which will be spent on companies helping marketers retain their customers by mailing to their in-house lists. The remaining $1.6 billion will go to outsourcers helping marketers acquire new customers through email.Source: Forrester Research
In a survey of 50 retail marketers; 22 from traditional companies and 28 from Internet pure plays - sixty-four percent of the marketers outsourced one or more elements of their email operations. On average, these marketers had 205,000 names on their in-house email list and sent each name two e-mails per month.Source: Forrester Research
Commercial e-mail spending will grow from $164 million in 1999 to $7.3 billion in 2005.Source: Jupiter Research
65 percent of companies (surveyed) are spending between 1 and 5 percent of their marketing budgets on email marketing; an additional 22 percent are spending in excess of 5 percent.Source: Jupiter Research
Email will cannibalize 13 percent of direct mail revenues by 2005.Source: Jupiter Research
Email marketing industry will soar to a $4.8 billion industry by 2004.Source: Forrester Research




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