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Non-Profits' Internet Plans

Over one-half of US non-profits will increase their online fundraising efforts in 2003, and 43% will spend more on technology, reports Kintera.

According to Kintera, Inc. 55% of US non-profit companies plan to increase their fundraising efforts online this year, whereas just 22% say they will stay the same.

Kintera, a company that offers software and services to the non-profit sector, surveyed US non-profits between October and December 2002 and also found that 70% of non-profits plan to either increase their IT spending levels in 2003 or keep them flat compared to last year.

It is no surprise Kintera determined that a strong number of non-profit organizations will work on fundraising projects online, considering Consumer WebWatch findings indicating that internet users are logging on to non-profit websites at a healthy clip. In a January 2002 survey conducted among 1,500 US internet users, Consumer WebWatch determined that 41% of respondents had visited a non-profit website.

For more on non-profits?presence online, subscribe to eMarketer's eStat Database -- it's got 14 records related to the advanced search "non-profit" and "online."

By: Bob Langer


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