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Baby Boomers Use Internet to Shop, Study Finds

Over 40% of all baby boomers shop online, although most spend only five hours a week on the Internet, according to a new survey from Mature Marketing & Research, of Boston.

Male boomers use the 'Net to research big-ticket items like homes and automobiles, and to purchase airline tickets and computer software. Women boomers purchase books, clothing and electronics.

The survey also found that boomers are eating out less and taking fewer trips.

They are also becoming more active in managing their retirement finances. However, over half say they have to plan better for retirement. Most are more cautious than they were about investments -- especially females.

Women were more likely to report recent wage losses, but men and older boomers said they were fired or forced to retire early.

Roughly two thirds of all baby boomers observe a religion, but only 52% in the 45-49 age category actively practice it. That figure jumps to 81% in the 50-54 age category.


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